’s Dreamforce: Enhanced Channel Data Management Suite from Zyme

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Users of can now elevate their channel program success, drive sales growth, and improve partner satisfaction with accurate and on-time incentive payments, according to channel data management cloud software developer, Zyme.

The newly enhanced ChannelView Suite of Channel Data Management (CDM) applications from Zyme is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange for users of Salesforce CRM. This announcement was made at’s Dreamforce 2015 conference in San Francisco.

The ChannelView suite of applications from Zyme integrates high-quality channel intelligence and a sophisticated incentives validation engine with Salesforce. The Zyme CDM tools on Salesforce AppExchange are enhanced with Zyme’s new ChannelView Connect framework, according to the company.


Chandran Sankaran, CEO Zyme

“Traditionally, manufacturers have lived without adequate information about what is happening in their sales channels, and have built less than optimal business processes because of what they could not see,” explained Chandran Sankaran, Founder and CEO of Zyme.

“Zyme’s ChannelView CDM Suite integrated with Salesforce enables large global manufacturers to automatically collect and manage data from their indirect sales channels, liberate valuable intelligence, and modernize their channel management processes,” he added.

This is what Zyme calls The New Smart Channel and the improvement in channel sales results is significant, the company says.

The ChannelView suite of applications on Salesforce AppExchange includes:

  • Zyme ChannelView-POS – provides channel sales and inventory visibility, tracks partner sales performance, and improves sales efficiency by automatically linking POS data to accounts and opportunities in Salesforce.
  • Zyme ChannelView Pipeline – enables tracking of opportunities, and improves sales credit assignment within the sales commissioning processes by matching POS transactions to closed opportunities.
  • Zyme ChannelView-Rebates – automates rebates and management of global channel programs, including back-end rebates and SGAs. Enables tracking of performance by partner and by program, and gives partners visibility to rebate status, rebates earned, and claims – all visible in Salesforce.

Zyme’s flexible, cloud-based offerings facilitate enterprise-grade decisions by responding to real-time, granular channel intelligence. Benefits include better-targeted MDF, co-op, and rebate programs, plus improved segmentation.

Zyme replaces outdated, ad-hoc systems with a state-of-the-art, cloud-based platform, data steward services, and a worldwide channel directory of more than one million partners for guaranteed database quality, support for a wider range of formats, and best practices that enhance reporting compliance.

Industry leaders like Dell, Microsoft, VMware, Fujitsu, Plantronics, Honeywell, Xerox, Symantec, Lenovo, GoPro, Armstrong World Industries, and Seagate use Zyme’s channel data management solution.

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