NetEnrich’s “Start Easy” Closes the Usability & Management Gap in Unified Communications

Communication and collaboration is at the heart of every company’s success, but the proliferation of tools – including voice, video, messaging, call center apps and more – can cause communication to break down if not managed properly. The resulting management and usability gap keeps many companies from realizing the full potential of Unified Communications and VOIP, due to the constant need for IT to attend to the physical and availability demands that complex and bandwidth-hungry UC places on the infrastructure.

NetEnrich’s “Start Easy” Automation Powered Managed Services for Unified Communications allows the potential of UC to be realized, closing the gap between the promise of UC and the reality of maintaining quality and managing an increasingly unwieldy infrastructure.

Additionally, call centers and contact centers that are at the forefront of the UC revolution due to their heavy call volume are experiencing a shift towards offering callers greater convenience with multichannel communications options, giving customers more options beyond telephony that may include live chat, self-service or even videoconference.

Start Easy from NetEnrich can bring significant optimization to the call center and help reduce agent counts by as much as 20 percent through greater automation, self-service, and better decision-making using insights from analyzing usage trends.

Unified Communications should solve problems, not create new ones. NetEnrich’s next-generation automation-powered industrialized services for UC, solve the problems that have prevented UC from achieving the results it was meant to deliver. By relieving internal IT departments from day-to-day management, continuously monitoring the infrastructure, and increasing availability, NetEnrich benefits end users significantly.

End users will find that communications are more transparent, delays and quality issues have disappeared, and outages and unexpected delays no longer exist. With 24×7 alert monitoring, issues can be addressed proactively before they cause a problem, with up to 75 percent lower MTTR (mean time to repair), lower downtime for agents in the call center and greater predictability.

Taking full advantage of UC should be as easy as picking up a telephone. But without proper attention to infrastructure management or due to the lack of  CCIE or CCNA expertise or problems in retaining experienced talent, you may well end up with jittery voice calls, conferences that don’t connect and an inaccurate picture of presence throughout your extended network.


Raju Chekuri, CEO NetEnrich

According to Raju Chekuri, CEO of NetEnrich, “Our Start Easy managed services staffed with expert skillsets overcome the infrastructure problems that UC can create, finally allowing companies to realize the full potential of unified communications, and save up to 40 percent in costs.”

The bandwidth-hungry communications apps that make up the UC platform require both reactive and proactive monitoring as well as ongoing management, and the risks are very real. “The potential for decreased quality of service is only the beginning,” said Chekuri. “The management of UC will place a burden on an already overworked IT staff, and as a result, take away from other initiatives and innovations as IT cannot properly shift its focus.”

NetEnrich’s Start Easy managed UC services relieves the management burden from the IT department, while improving quality of all communications across the board with greater than 99.9 percent plus availability backed up by a service level agreement, 24×7 on-demand access to CCIE and CCNA certified professionals, and up to 40 percent lower TCO from NetEnrich’s fully automated and industrialized managed services for Cisco UC, Microsoft Lync, and Avaya UC.

NetEnrich is offering a special price on its Start Easy UC managed services for Cisco UC from now until October 31, 2015. For more information about NetEnrich’s Start Easy managed UC services, visit the website.

About NetEnrich

NetEnrich combines industrialized services with a proprietary automation platform and analytics to deliver next-gen IT infrastructure management, operations, and automation services for management of technologies from on-premise to cloud. This new world approach to IT operations reduces costs up to forty percent, while mitigating risk, providing control, and driving innovation. NetEnrich has over 1,400 clients including large enterprises.  NetEnrich is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California.

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