Commerce Billing Solution Allows Companies to Expand Product Offerings and Value-Based Services

As the digital transformation revolution reaches maturity, companies have the opportunity to shift business models within their industry disruptively to create new sources of defensible competitive advantage. This can be through the creation of new digital services that radically change the customer experience, by building a multi-sided platform with ecosystem partners, addressing new segments of customers through new channels, or by a combination of these business model shifts. SAP hybris Billing is a critical piece in this transition as it provides an end-to-end solution for complete coverage of the offer-to-cash process for new digital business models that can be integrated with the rest of the customer engagement and commerce portfolio.

“In our evaluation of the billing management market, SAP hybris Billing stands apart from the competition as a solution that can scale to handle any organization’s financial transactions through a simple interface and addresses all aspects of billing, including dual or multi-sided revenue streams,” said Andrew Dailey, managing director, MGI Research. “SAP hybris Billing provides sophisticated multi-party settlement and pricing abstraction capabilities as well as close integration with SAP financial and analytics product lines to assist businesses in the billing process.”

“The digital transformation era has opened new doors for customers as well as companies. Now, customers have greater options for purchasing products and engaging with brands while companies enjoy a closer relationship with their customers, a constant cash flow and the ability to realize a greater lifetime value for each customer over time,” said Brian Walker, chief strategy officer, Customer Engagement and Commerce, hybris and SAP. “The integration of SAP hybris Billing with the customer engagement and commerce platform fosters this relationship, eliminating the need for a separate platform to service these new revenue models while also providing the speed and efficiency needed to be successful.”   Continued…  here.


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