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The Deceptive Ease of the Startup Process

Born-in-the-cloud companies delivering digital services often fall short in a critical area. Because so many critical barriers to entry to creating an as-a-service company have been eliminated, there has been a mad rush to the as-a-service model on the part of many startups, some of which have become quite successful. The biggest problem that exists is a growing misconception on the part of born-in-the-cloud startups, that creating the infrastructure to a company is equivalent to creating the company. One can, conceivably, create an app, build a website and populate it with content, and add in an e-commerce component and a…


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E-Retailers Move Towards Digital Couponing

To those who enter the grocery store every week with a fistful of paper coupons, your days are numbered. Marketers do still publish coupons in newspaper circulars nationwide, but they are being replaced over time with their digital equivalents. Younger consumers in the millennial generation demand simpler, and more tech-centered (and mobile) solutions for their cents-off shopping. As a case in point, McDonalds’ popular rewards program, which earned you a free McCafe drink after you saved up a certain number of stickers peeled off of your cups, was replaced with a mobile app, which allows you to simply show the…