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The Deceptive Ease of the Startup Process

Born-in-the-cloud companies delivering digital services often fall short in a critical area. Because so many critical barriers to entry to creating an as-a-service company have been eliminated, there has been a mad rush to the as-a-service model on the part of many startups, some of which have become quite successful. The biggest problem that exists is a growing misconception on the part of born-in-the-cloud startups, that creating the infrastructure to a company is equivalent to creating the company. One can, conceivably, create an app, build a website and populate it with content, and add in an e-commerce component and a…


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Two Easy Tricks to Get More Out of Your Day

We are all busy people and we all have things to do, yet no matter how many technological solutions we gain access to, the in-box never empties, and the pressure never stops. Few professionals ever feel in control of their schedule, and the result is reduced productivity at work, reduced work-life-balance, and diminished quality of sleep, all of which form an ever-tightening downward spiral that results in error and burnout. A primary reason for this counter-productivity is that people have generally come to depend on their machinery, but in so doing have lost the capacity to communicate with, and influence…