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The Deceptive Ease of the Startup Process

Born-in-the-cloud companies delivering digital services often fall short in a critical area. Because so many critical barriers to entry to creating an as-a-service company have been eliminated, there has been a mad rush to the as-a-service model on the part of many startups, some of which have become quite successful. The biggest problem that exists is a growing misconception on the part of born-in-the-cloud startups, that creating the infrastructure to a company is equivalent to creating the company. One can, conceivably, create an app, build a website and populate it with content, and add in an e-commerce component and a…


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Artificial Intelligence at Google

KurzweilAI recently reported that Google is introducing a new version of its “smart reply” machine-learning email software. It is being targeted to “over 1 billion Android and iOS users of Gmail,” according to Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Kurzweil noted that the new smart-reply version is able to handle challenging sentences like “That interesting person at the cafe we like gave me a glance,” quoting Google research scientist Brian Strope and engineering director Ray Kurzweil in a Google Research blog post. For more details, see the original article at KurzweilAI.